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$ 12 $ 16

1 user

20 projects

up to 50 collaborators           

2 GB storage

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Small team

$ 26 $ 35

3 team members

up to 100 projects

unlimited collaborators

10 GB storage

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$ 51 $ 68

6 team members

unlimited projects

unlimited collaborators 

50 GB storage

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$ 74 $ 99

10 team members

unlimited projects

unlimited collaborators 

100 GB storage

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Custom Enterprise packages may include options as:

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers

We offer the option to buy a private server specifically for all your team-client communication needs.

Custom functions

Custom functions or project roles

Need more flexibility on a project? Customize your Enqlo experience with non-standard project roles.

Dedicated staff

Dedicated staff

If you have questions, ideas, or issues, you will be given a way to contact our staff at any time, no matter the time zone.

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These are some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked. If you have a question, there's a good chance it's already been addressed here.

What are clients in a project?

Clients are special kind of reviewers that can have assigned project. Each client can have several projects assigned, where you can follow statistics on each project separately.

How do I add collaborators?

You may add team members and collaborators directly from project itself and from people section. If you add them in people section you need to assign them with project. 

What if I have multiple teams?

You can be part of multiple teams as a collaborator on particular project, regardless of your team member status. 
However, you cannot be team member in multiple teams with same email account. 

What happens if I hit my storage limits?

You always have liberty to manually delete some of your older files or to upgrade your package. If you hit your storage usage limits, we will let you know and we will offer you 30 days of grace period to delete projects or files or to upgrade your subscription.

Lifetime discount for beta users?

We decided to award early adopters with some special perks as involvement in creation of new features. Also, to first 1000 signups we decided to grant lifetime discount according to time of adoption. Discount will apply on any subscription when we exit beta, if you decide to continue using Enqlo, which means that it also adds up to yearly subscriptions too. 

What happens if I cancel my account?

You're free to cancel at anytime! When you do, your current plan will last until the end of your billing cycle, unless you choose to downgrade immediately. 

If you choose to downgrade, you will be able to access previous projects for 15 days and to download data from them.

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